My name is Jon Harris and I live at Greenford House, Old Forge Lane. A number of residents in Old Forge Lane are concerned about speed at which some cars are travelling down what is effectively a single track lane. We wrote to the Senior Traffic Officer, Kelly Burr at East Sussex County Council, with the response that the lane had it own calming features and that the National Speed Limit had already been reduced to 40mph and there was no need to reduce it further to 20mph and of course there is no budget to carry this out.
So I am contacting you today to canvass your opinion on the possibility of the lanes in the area being designated so called Quiet Lanes status, which has been an initiated by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, CPRE. There are projects all over the country and Quiet Lanes have been proposed in Surrey Hills as well as areas of Kent, our neighbours.

Rule 218 of the Annotated Highway Code refers to QUIET LANES as places where people could be using the whole road for a range of activities such as children playing, horse riding, walking with children or riding a bike. Motorists should drive slowly and carefully and be prepared to stop to allow people extra time to make space for them to pass them safely.

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