To Add a new post firstly log into the Fairwarp CMS.

Once you have arrived at the Dashboard, hover over the Posts menu option in the left-hand navigation menu and in the fly-out menu, click the ‘Add New’ link.

You will be presented with a page similar to the image below.

Entering Post Data

Provide the post title in the top box.

Add your content into the ‘Editor‘ box below. You can also add images into your post by selecting the “Add Media” button above.

Publish Section

At any time in your design you can preview what your post is going to look like by selecting the ‘Preview‘ button in the top left under the ‘Publish‘ section.  This will open a new Web Page with a preview of your current post your working on.

Save Draft

From the ‘Publish‘ section you can save your post as a draft and come back to it at a later time.

To do this you would log back into the Fairwarp CMS, hover over the ‘Posts‘ menu option in the left-hand navigation menu and in the fly-out menu select ‘All Posts’. Find your post title in the list of posts. Once you have found the post click on the post title to carry on editing.

Publish Immediately

Under the Publish section there is also an option called ‘Publish immediately‘.  By selecting the ‘Edit‘ link you can back date the post for events in the past, or set a go live date for the future to show the post after a given date and time.


You can select ‘Publish‘ once you have finished the post and this will make the post live on the website at the date and time you select ‘Publish‘.


Below the Publish Section is Format.  Leave this set to ‘Standard‘.


In this section you need to select where this new post relates to.

By default you always need to select ‘Fairwarp News‘ in order for this post to show on the Fairwarp Home page and news feed.

You also need to select the other area that this post fits into:

Below is the list of areas you can select from:

  • Fairwarp News
  • Echo
  • Fairwarp Christ Church
  • Fairwarp Community Society News
  • Fairwarp Queen Elizabeth II Field News
    • Fairwarp Football Club
  • Fairwarp Village Hall
  • Fairwarp Village Fete
  • Sovereign Club Sovereign Club
  • SiteAdmin – DO Not Use
  • Website How To – DO Not Use

By selecting the relevant above options will help show the post in other areas of the website.

For example by selecting ‘Fairwarp News‘ and selecting ‘Echo‘ will show this post on the Fairwarp Home page and also on the Fairwarp Echo Pages of the website.


In the tag box enter key words that users can use to search on google or on the Fairwarp website to find this post.

Feature Image

When creating your post you may have images that you would like to link to this post.  Please only select 1 Featured Image.

Click on the ‘Set Featured Image‘ and select your image from the media library or upload a new image.

Finishing the Post

Once you have completed all of the above you are ready to go live and publish your new ‘Post‘. Review the above ‘Publish‘ Section on how to publish the post.