Minutes of Fairwarp Community Society Annual General Meeting held on 24th June 2015 8pm
Attendees Russell Davison, Penny Handley, Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish, Caroline Shaw, Lorne Duncan, Jeremy Hill, Jan Holford, Mr Street, Mrs Long , Mrs Oldbury, Mr & Mrs Ryan, Mr Kentish, Mr Jenner
Apologies David Ridley, John Manthorpe
Date: 24 June 2015

1. Chairman’s Report

Louise Kentish welcomed everyone and then handed over to co-chairman Russell Davison –

“Good evening fellow Fairwarpians, and welcome to the AGM of the Society,

Well what a year we have had the number of members is strong 240 out of 350 households. Sometimes I get concerned about what we do and why we are here but this gives us all who serve on the committee great heart and support and believe me it does make us seem it’s worth it.

What have we done? Well it’s been another busy but very enjoyable and productive.

Church yard Clear Up; both Autumn and Spring and for those of you that go up to the Church it’s looking fantastic and our work is much appreciated by the Church

Church – we have made a £500.00 donation to the Church to be used on   tree work further enhancing the work we carry out.

Fairwarp Football following the sudden departure of sponsorship we donated some £420.00 to buy new kit.

This has revitalised the club.

Old Forge Lane   At long last a new grit bin

Charity £546 following on from our very successful quiz night a donation to the DEC ebola appeal.

QE11 field For those of you who know me I make no apology for this my desire to provide the village with good facilities. I declare my interest as also being a trustee but my colleagues on the committee since its inception have equally shared not only my enthusiasm but also commitment. This year that has amounted to a sign for the QE11 field this was the shortfall of some £300.00 after Keir funded it by £470.00

The building regs have been paid by FCS of some £600 + this was a commitment made in the very early days.

So that in part is where most of the money went but we are always pleased to receive requests from village organisations who find funding difficult and we will consider most requests sympathetically (we are not Greece so only if we can afford it.

So onto our community work I have to admit this is where my colleagues are brilliant and excel, here are some of the things we do –

Platform for informing and liaising with the village

  • This year we organised an event regarding the BT issues bringing together the parties
  • Liaising with All village groups to co ordinate diaries this has resulted in much better opportunities for all to carry out their activities without clashing
  • Circulating planning applications
  • King standing tours
  • Christmas tree on the green
  • New year social bringing together villagers
  • Litter picking
  • Speed watch (we need more volunteers)

Finally, my thanks to my fellow committee members it’s been really enjoyable and if any of the village people really want to have a say – get involved and join us.

And of course that was not finally, as the people who serve you through this society would not be able to function without Jan Kemsley

She is the pillar of this organisation since its creation and does all the stuff that’s required I am not going to go through it all but Jan from all of us “thank you”.

This was to be her last year, and deservedly so, but in the absence of anyone coming forward Jan has unselfishly agreed to continue thanks in part to many committee members agreeing to diminish the immense role Jan had.

That saying we need a successor, so we will keep searching.

Thank you”

2. Treasurer’s Report

As of now our membership stands at a record 240.

Unfortunately the examiner appointed at the last AGM has left so Mr John Handley has offered to do them instead – there were no objections from the floor.

The balance at the end of 2014 was £4,492.66, see attached full accounts which have now been verified & approved.

FCS acted as the conduit for Audrey Billington’s memorial fund

The Grit Bin for the A22 end of Old Forge Lane has been paid for but still has yet to materialize despite constant reminders.

We are in the process of acquiring a new pedestrian sign to the church which will be funded by a grant from MPC. This has been agreed with the conservators.

Concessions for 2015/16 have now been confirmed. The new landlady of the Firesters Arms has kindly agreed to carry on offering members concessions on food.

Full details of the above can be found on www.fairwarp.org.uk or if you wish to receive a hard copy of the full accounts/concessions please contact FCS on e-mail fairwarpcs@aol.com or call Jan Kemsley on 01825 713477.

3. Election of Committee for 2015/16

The following have been unanimously elected en block:- Russell Davison, Lorne Duncan, Alan Foskett, Penny Handley, Jeremy Hill, Jan Holford, Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish, Lolita Reeves, and Caroline Shaw.

There are two more potential committee members who will attend the next committee meeting and then be co-opted if they still wish to join.

4. Election of Honorary Examiner

Mr John Handley was elected.

5. Any other business

Paul Kentish suggested that Nursery Lane should be designated “One Way” from The Old Vicarage to Burrells Lane – it has now become a dangerous rat run and as the hedges are so overgrown visibility in what is in essence a one track lane is hazardous.

Jan Kemsley – A recent meeting involving AIRS (Action in Rural Sussex) and any local interested parties suggested ways in which the parish as a whole can support its more vunerable residents.  For many years now Fairwarp has had a Good Neighbours Scheme which is rarely called upon.  Mrs Oldbury – Nutley also has its own scheme which works very well.

Lorne Duncan – There are plans to record an audio history of Fairwarp residents for which approx £100 sponsorship is needed

Louise thanked everyone for attending the meeting which closed at 8.30pm