Minutes of Meeting of Fairwarp Community Society held on 2nd February 2015
Attendees Russell Davison, Lorne Duncan, Penny Handley, Jan Holford, Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish,  Lolita, Reeves, Caroline Shaw
Apologies Alan Foskett, Jeremy Hill, David Ridley
Date: 2 February 2015


  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes from 6th December meeting were signed as being a correct record.

  1. Membership/ Subscription Renewals/Concessions

 PH – Membership stands at 216 – probably our best ever.

FCS is now £4,464.66 in credit, this includes £470 grant from Keir money which is earmarked for new signage for QEII Field – RD still renegotiating price increase.

£500 donation given to newly formed Friends of Christ Church which has been formed to preserve the church and churchyard for the future.  LD Thanked the committee.  Hopefully a wider selection of events will be held in the church.  JK to advertise in next newsletter.

  1. Website

LK meeting with Tony Lowry next week to set up Photo Gallery/Advertising etc.

History Post to be revamped soon.

  1. QEII Field

RD –No news.  Repeated that all football teams are asked to respect the village & speed limits.

  1. MPC

LR – Council Tax will be increasing.  Matched funding will be needed for any future road works e.g. traffic calming.  Good community spirit with spreading grit in icy conditions. PH – Blocked drain in The Street has been reported but reminder needs to b e sent – maybe that the actual drain is broken.

JK new stiles being installed by Maresfield Volunteer Group would appear to be far too high, members to be asked for their comments.

  1. Events
  • 14th December FCS Xmas Children’s Party – great success – well done to CS but more help with games needed next year and stress that this is for Fairwarp children or FCS members.
  • 25th January FCS New Year Social – good turn out & several “thank you” messages afterwards.  Costs approx £80
  • 25th April Christ Church churchyard Spring Clean – RD to lead, JK to advertise
  • 9th May Plant Sale for QEII Field – lead by JK & Helen Rowland.  Plants/seedlings needed
  • 24th June FCS AGM – see notes below re role of Hon. Sec.
  • 11th July Village Fete – FCS stand
  • 1st August – Cricket & Croquet Day at QEII Field
  • 14th November Quiz Night – not fancy dress!!
  1. AOB

Grit Bin for A22 end of Old Forge Lane – PH has contacted ESCC and still awaits confirmation of agreement to go ahead.

Hon Sec RoleRD wrote “job ad” for February Echo – no response so far.  JK to send email to members (LK & RD to approve first).  If no one comes forward by Easter then at AGM FCS will be mothballed until new sec found.

Phones/Internet/WiFi – JK recent problems highlighted how useful FCS can be in communicating with residents.  LK to investigate viability of a WiFi hub possibly funded or part-funded by FCS.

Conservative PartyJK – Request from Cllr Chris Hardy (WDC) for help with finding representatives for Fairwarp & advertising for events – No, FCS to remain apolitical.

Local Business Directory – could be beneficial but residents have each year been asked if they want their businesses advertised on website or to offer concessions to members – must be sensitively done as some people like to leave work behind when they get home. To be discussed further when JHill present.

Car Vandalising – PH & JH reported instances of car tyres being let down & graffiti/notes  left on cars – JK to include in newsletter.

Next meeting 16th March 7.45pm at Thatchings