Minutes of Meeting of Fairwarp Community Society held on 8 January 2014
Attendees Russell Davison, Alan Foskett, Penny Handley, Jan Hill, Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish, Lolita Reeves, Doug Ridley, Caroline Shaw
Apologies Jan Holford, Mark Powles, David Ridley
Date: 8 January 2014
  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes from 16th October were signed as being a correct record.

LK welcomed Jeremy Hill (JHill) and Doug Ridley (DougR) to the committee.  JK asked them to check out the website and then send her their synopses

  1. Membership/ Subscription Renewals/Concessions

 PH – 201 Members to date

FCS is now approx £3,600 in credit. End of year accounts are being prepared.

ESCC has agreed to the new “Village Hall” double sided sign to be positioned on the Cackle Street sign on B2026 at a cost of £100.80.  Committee agreed that the additional sign suggested for Nursery Lane was too much street furniture and cost (£129.20) so would not be purchased.  MPC grant of £150 has been agreed.

One more grit bin to be purchased by FCS for A22 end of Old Forge Lane – PH to action making sure it will be topped up by ESCC or MPC.

JK to reconfirm concessions where businesses have changed hands/management.

  1. Website

JK – Akismet is now working & has stopped the unwanted spam.

Nick Rage has sent his invoice & complimented us on the website.

Various areas need updating with info for 2014.

Still need to sort out advertising & tidy up the index.

Invoices need to be sent to existing advertisers.

Add link to Uckfield FM.  Give DougR list of Fairwarp events for the year so that they can be advertised by Uckfield FM and go on their newsletter.

  1. Recreation Ground Update 

RD – Planning permission applied for to WDC.  Funds will be needed soon from FCS.

Field very wet! 

  1. MPC

LR – as with roadworks gritting schedule are now available in real time on ESCC website.

Operation Crackdown to report anti-social driving now in force – LR to e-mail details to JK for circulation to members.

CS – Localism Bill – Neighbourhood Development Plan – survey now being analysed by AIRS

JH – the car graveyard – one car has now been removed

PH – Superfast Broadband – Nutley, also covering Fairwarp, would appear to be on the list for late 2014 or 2015.

  1. Welcome Pack

JK – too speak to JHill re producing in a changeable format.

  1. Events

Quiz Night – 16th November  Great success raised £400 and over £1,000 for Red Cross Philippines Typhoon Appeal.  Already got teams on the list for 2014!

Xmas Tree on the Green 14th December.  Hole in the ground worked brilliantly need to send donation to Last Chance – £20 suggested.  Get tree from original source next year – JHill can arrange transport.  Consider putting it up a week earlier.

Children’s Christmas Party – 15th DecemberCS – not as many children and older children this year but still a great success.  Needs more advertising.  Paul Dean and JHill offered to help next time.  Sarah Ridley-Smith has been thanked – PH awaiting receipts for food etc.

New Year Social 19th Jan– PH to lead. PH to get nibbles, milk, ingredients for mulled wine, glasses, beer, wine and soft drinks. CS will bring nibbles, banqueting roll, tea, coffee and sugar.  JK will bring 3 bottles red wine, serviettes, secret ingredient, fresh coffee, cafetiere, serviettes, paper plates and saucepans.  RD will bring cafetiere.  Set up from 10am.

  1. AOB

New community column reporter needed for Sussex Courier & Express – JHill will ask his wife otherwise another appeal in Echo & newsletter.

CS produced a plan showing the area that would have to be cleared if the Church was to be visible to the village again.  This would need close consultation with the church, the houses effected, the residents and the Conservators.  To be discussed further.

JHill – The main cause of broadband problems is the actual phone line – boosters are available.

Next meeting date Wednesday March 19th 8pm Thatchings.