Minutes of Meeting of Fairwarp Community Society held on 6 October 2014
Attendees Russell Davison, Lorne Duncan, Alan Foskett, Penny Handley, Jan Kemsley, Lolita Reeves, Caroline Shaw
Apologies Jeremy Hill, Jan Holford, Louise Kentish, David Ridley, Doug Ridley
Date: 6 October 2014
  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes from 28th July meeting were signed as being a correct record.

  1. Membership/ Subscription Renewals/Concessions

 PH – Membership stands at 200

FCS is now approx £4,500 in credit.

Keir money £470 now received – RD to shop around for quotes for signage for QEII Field.

MPC grant applied for to provide new signage to the church, Alan Hooper got consent from Conserbators.

JK found out that Automatic External Defibrilators(AED) only have a two year shelf life.  LR – WDC are having problems funding the maintainance/replacement of their AEDs

Village Hall sign invoice has now been received & paid.

Grit Bin for A22 end of Old Forge Lane to be purchased via WDC who will hopefully fund topping up with grit as required.

Money donated in memory of Audrey Billington – £150 to Mother & Toddler Group & £95 to QEII Field.  All notes received to be given to Jonathan Billington.

  1. Website

JK & LK met with Tony Lowry some changes already in place – more to follow.

  1. QEII Field

 RD –interior plans still under discussion to comply with all statutary regs.

Drainage done thanks to Thorne’s, Sita & Caty Worlock-Pope.  Now need v wet weather to see how it works!

First match took place last weekend.

Tractor now mended, Village Green was not looking as good as usual whilst it was under repair.

Fundraising now in earnest as VAT had to be paid on drainage.

  1. MPC

CS/AF – Stakeholders meeting was v well attended.  There is no housing development planned for Fairwarp but 50 houses to be built in Maresfield Parish by 2027.  Need for more smaller dwellings identified.

  1. Information Pack

JK has had quotes from Quarry Print, Design to Print(Heather Dewhurst) and awaiting to hear cost of reprint using Alpha Publishing(Michael Card).  Folders to be printed by Quarry Print at £1 each + VAT with pockets being applied manually afterwards.  Inserts to be printed by Design to Print.

  1. Events
  • 11th October Church Yard Autumn Clean Up – another reminder to be emailed out
  • 12th October WI Walk & Talk
  • 18th October Barn Dance in aid of QEII Field
  • 8th November Christ Church Autumn Bazaar
  • 15th November Quiz Night – bookings now being taken. Quiz questions already set.  JH offered to cook – suggested cottage pie with veggie option.   Use good quality throw away plates & dishes to save on clearing up.  JK to apply for licence & get suppplies.  Raffle prizes needed. RD & AF away.  RD’s Hostess trolley will be left at Bergan-Gander’s house.
  • 6th December Christmas Tree on the Green – JK has asked for tree from Neil – cost of £20 to be paid by VHMC & refunded by FCS.  CS to ask Alan Easton to transport it to the green.  RD has lights & batteries.
  • 14th December FCS Xmas Children’s Party – CS needs help with food.  JK to advertise in Echo etc.
  • 18th December Carols in The Foresters Arms in aid of QEII Field/Church Choir
  • 25th January FCS New Year Social PH to lead.
  • 25th April Christ Church Yard Spring Clean – tbc
  • 9th May Plant Sale in aid of QEII Field
  • 24th June FCS AGM
  • 11th July Fairwarp Fete
  • 1st August QEII Field Cricket & Croquet Day
  • 24 October Christ Church yard Autumn Clean Up – tbc
  • 14th November FCS Quiz Night
  • 5 December FCS Xmas Tree on the Green
  • 13th December FCS Children’s Xmas Party
  1. AOB

Hon Sec Role – only 3 forms returned.  More to come?

RD – Ugly green box has appeared for BT fibre optics.  Rather a dangerous siting as the road gets v icy just there.  LR to ask if some planting could be put there to hide/protect it.

CS – visibility out of Cackle Street v bad – LR to follow up.

RD – ESCC Highways dealt with blocked drains v quickly.

Next meeting date on 1st December 8pm at Lampool Edge