Minutes of Meeting of Fairwarp Community Society held on 6 December 2014
Attendees Russell Davison, Alan Foskett, Jeremy Hill, Jan Holford, Jan Kemsley, Caroline Shaw
Apologies Lorne Duncan, Penny Handley, Louise Kentish, Lolita Reeves, David Ridley
Date: 6 December 2014
  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes from 6th October meeting were signed as being a correct record.

  1. Membership/ Subscription Renewals/Concessions

 PH (via email)– Membership stands at 207.

FCS is now approx £4,900 in credit, this includes £470 grant from Keir money which is earmarked for new signage for QEII Field – RD still getting final quotes.  Quiz Night profit – £338.89

JK – money also been allocated to (figures approximate) –

Website £120.00

Information Pack £230

Top of for cost of QEII Sign £180

Stationery/Admin Costs £100

QEII Building Regs £500

Grit Bin £300

Football Kit £420

*Donation to the fabric of Christ Church £500

Xmas Tree & new Lights £67

Cost of children’s Xmas Party & New Year Social £200

This would still leave approx £2250 in funds

* To honour our previous commitment the committee decided to donate £500 to a specific project at Christ Church for the maintenance of the fabric of the church – JK to contact Father Paul, Alan Hooper & Anne Duncan for ideas on how the money would be spent.

  1. Website

LK not present to report on progress.

  1. QEII Field

 RD –After the first rains the new drainage works really well. The football team looked really good in their new kit and beat the previously unbeaten opposition!

  1. MPC

No report

  1. Events
  • 15th November Quiz Night – great success – profit of £338 – short on manpower on the night.  £546 raised from the raffle for the DEC Ebola Appeal – Gift Aid still to be added to this amount.  JH has offered to be Quiz Master & lead the event next year.
  • 6th December Christmas Tree on the Green – Up & shining bright.  RD had to buy 3 new sets of lights and another set has now also failed.  Once again a bit short on helping hands.
  • 14th December FCS Xmas Children’s Party – CS 24 children booked, Sarah Ridley-Smith now no longer able to help.   JK to help.  JH & Paul Dean helping with food & getting paper plates
  • 18th December Carols in The Foresters Arms in aid of QEII Field/Church Choir
  • 25th January FCS New Year Social PH to lead.  Ad in the Echo.  JK to put poster on notice boards when there is room!
  1. AOB

Grit Bin for A22 end of Old Forge Lane – PH has contacted ESCC and awaits a form to complete.

Hon Sec Role – only 3 forms returned.  Do need to recruit a new local person to provide admin support.  RD to write article for February Echo.

Next meeting date in February tbc