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Full list of categories for the Arts and Crafts at the Fete this year

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Get planning your entries now for Fairwarp Fete Get your creative hats on and start planning your entries for this year's fete. Lots of categories to enter with some new ones in the [...]

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About the Fairwarp Community Society

The Fairwarp Community Society was formed in 2007 to make things happen for you – everyone in Fairwarp Village and Ward.

The aims of the Fairwarp Community Society are:

  1. to enhance the quality of life in Fairwarp Ward.

  2. to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in Fairwarp Ward.

  3. to promote high standards of development, planning and architecture.

  4. to promote and develop interest in features of historic or community interest.

  5. to preserve and improve the amenities of the Ward.

  6. to foster and encourage the growth of the community spirit among the residents of the Ward.

  7. to provide a focal point for all organisations, clubs and societies already operating within Fairwarp Ward and to provide a forum for the residents of the Ward to express their views on topics relevant to the aims of the Society.

What does FCS do?

It’s your ear to the ground to find out what is happening, liasing with local, the Parish, District and County councils and the Police with regard to planning developments, highways and other local issues that could effect the Village. FCS keeps you informed with regular newsletters, maintaining a Community Web Site and Notices on the Boards and via the Echo and the local press.

We arranged open public meetings to ensure as much information as possible was made available to all residents of Fairwarp relating to matters affecting the Community i.e. The Local Development Framework, Local Highways and Byways Maintenance, Maresfield Parish Council Referendum, the Village Plan, the Sports Pavilion and proposed local housing development.

FCS is there to create and support social events, getting people together for fun and to meet their neighbours, by organising Quiz Nights, Socials etc.

Where have FCS funds gone?

  • Purchasing new Community Noticeboards for Old Forge Lane and Duddleswell

  • Contributing 50% of the cost of a new tractor to maintain the QEII Field

  • Putting on a Christmas Party for Village children

  • Funding a Christmas Tree & Lights on the green

  • Creating and maintaining the Village Website

  • Welcome Packs for all Houses in the Ward

  • Provision of extra Grit Bins for the Village

  • Hosting New Year Social

If any local society or individual has any requests for funds that will benefit the village please contact us.

Why join the Fairwarp Community Society?

The Fairwarp Community Society are always open to new members In and outside of Fairwarp.

You don’t have to attend any meetings or be actively involved to be a member.  Although we do like to encourage members to come along and join in on our social events.

The main reason to join is to have your say in the village, help grow and be part of our community.

Members also enjoy favorable discounts at a number of local businesses.

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How to join the Fairwarp Community Sociey

Fairwarp Community Society Membership Registration and Subscription is based on a yearly basis renewable on the 30th June each year with an annual subscription of £4.00 per person.

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Meet Your Committee

I have lived in the heart of Fairwarp village since 1991. I have been actively involved in supporting the Football Club as a qualified referee officiating matches and often running the line. I am a trustee and also take responsibility for the management of Fairwarp Sports Field ground including hire to interested parties. I was a member of the Fairwarp Community Society Steering Committee
We moved to Fairwarp in 1988. In the early years in Fairwarp I joined forces with Ali Remmen of Paddock Farm and wrote, directed and presented two series for Channel 4 called “If Wishes were Horses”, a large part of these programmes were shot in and around Fairwarp and the Ashdown Forest. As my children grew up I taught Drama and have worked in advertising, PR and marketing. I have worked with a number of Charities organising major fundraising events. When myhusband sold his business, I felt that it was time that I turned some of my attention and my skills as a communicator to more local issues and was delighted to have the opportunity to take a more active part in village affairs. I have been a member of the FCS committee since the beginning and am now delighted to take over the role of Chairman.
I have lived in Fairwarp since 1999 but have lived in the area, on and off, for over 38 years. I have run the Tombola at Fairwarp Fete for the last thirteen years and I am on the Fete Steering Committee. When the idea of a Fairwarp Society was first suggested two of us undertook all the research that culminated in the formation of a steering committee in November 2006 of which I was secretary. My background is in professional fundraising and event organising and my interests include conservation of the countryside and the history of the area.
I moved to Fairwarp in 1985 with my husband and my eldest daughter who was then six months old, two more daughters followed and I have enjoyed living here ever since. All three girls were christened in Fairwarp Church and they all attended Fairwarp Playgroup. I strongly support the Fairwarp Community Society and was pleased to act as treasurer for the steering committee during the initial start up phase. I have continued in the role of Honorary Treasurer for the Society and wish to make a contribution to the community in which I live.I think it is important for Fairwarp to have a voice in the wider community and an influence on matters which may affect us all.
We moved to Fairwarp in 2012. I have lived in Sussex for much of my life and know this area well from my student days which included studying and playing Rugby at the Isle of Thorns, then part of the University of Sussex. Most of my business life was spent in Publishing, Communication and Marketing. I hope to be able to make an active contribution to the community of Fairwarp which has extended such a friendly welcome to Anne & myself.
My wife and I moved to Fairwarp in 2000 having lived in Crowborough, where our three children went to school, for seventeen years. I was Deputy Head at a South London comprehensive school before retiring in 2010. With five grandchildren to keep me occupied I spend what spare time is left gardening, walking, playing golf and travelling. I am committed to keeping our village community alive and try and involve myself in as many local activities as possible and in particular supporting the proposed improvement to our sports field.
I have lived in East Sussex all my life and in Fairwarp since 2002. My background is in teaching, pharmaceuticals and the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. I have been a committee member of Fairwarp Community Society since its origin in 2007, was elected onto Maresfield Parish Council to represent Fairwarp in 2010 and vice Chairman for the past three years. Up until Christmas 2009, I was an experienced adviser with CAB trained to deal with sensitive, unpredictable and complicated situations. My work covered all areas of our daily living and working, including housing, employment, environment, domestic, consumer and benefit issues. I feel committed to, and enjoy contributing to the community. I try to involve myself as much as possible.
I have lived in Fairwarp for 37 years, my husband has lived in Fairwarp all of his life, and comes from a local family. All of my 3 sons were bought up in Fairwarp. I have a keen interest in all local affairs.
I haven’t lived in Fairwarp for as long as some of my fellow committee members but in the four years I’ve lived here the village has become home. We initially moved from London to West Sussex to the vibrant village of Hurstpierpoint and when we first moved to Fairwarp, before we got to know how fantastic it really is, we mistook it for a quiet, nothing-happening sort of place. How wrong we were. Fairwarp is made by the amazing people who live here, some of whom we have become close to. Our children, Jake and Josh, are little forest dwellers who can navigate by themselves around the forest but take them to London, they have no spatial awareness whatsoever, which is the way we like it. I have joined the village committee to be the voice of younger families in the village and ensure it continues to be a welcoming place for the children who enjoy our beautiful forest so much.
I live in Old Forge Lane, where I have lived for over 40 years. I am originally from Nutley, where my family can be traced back at least 150 years. My wife is from a Fairwarp family with similar traceable ancestry. I am a retired builder. I am keen to assist in the preservation of a local community in Fairwarp Ward, as opposed to it becoming just a residential area for a transient populatio
I have lived in Fairwarp since 1996, initially renting Regency Cottage Annexe and then purchasing a house in Normansland. My children both attend Nutley Primary School and my daughter attended the Stepping Stones Pre-School in Fairwarp. I am a Civil Engineer, working part-time in East Grinstead, amongst the juggling act of family life. I have a much-loved horse which I have owned for 20 years, which gives me a keen interest in the Ashdown Forest and its management. As a family we are all keen naturalists, recording birds, butterflies, moths and other wildlife in our garden and the local area. My husband and I are also part of the band of Bellringers at Christchurch, both of us starting as complete beginners in 2008. Through the Fairwarp Community Society, I hope to be able to contribute to the sense of community in the village, so that we can present a united front on matters and policies which affect the whole village.
I moved to Fairwarp in July 2014 and have not looked back. My husband and I wanted to move out of London into a small village with the aim of being part of the community. I believe we have achieved this in our time here so far. In December 2014 I joined the Village Hall Committee and November 2015 the Fairwarp Community Society. My background is in Information Technology and Audio Visual.= and am currently managing the Fairwarp Website.