How to make Lavender Water

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For centuries lavender has been used to ease anxiety, stress and insomnia and is thought to have anti-bacterial and antiseptic qualities. It tends to adapt to what your body needs which is why it can be both soothing and uplifting. You will need:- I large lidded saucepan 1 small heatproof ramekin dish or similar 1 heatproof [...]

Keeping the little ones busy

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As we are on school lockdown, here are some great resources to support your children's learning journey. Don't forget that play time, crafting, helping with household chores and doing 'sports' outside if it's safe to do so are also great learning experiences. Learning about how a household runs, how a washing machine works, taking responsibility for [...]

New takeaway menu at The Foresters Arms

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A new takeaway menu started on Thursday 19 March 2020 at The Foresters Arms. It will be a call and collect - 712808. In addition, we will offer 10% discount on a takeaway beverage (all suppliers seem to have run out of take-home cartoons, so bring your glass (!) or container). Download the new takeaway menu [...]