About Fairwarp Queen Elizabeth II Field

In July 1908, Mr Ventura Paul Misa, the then owner of the Oldlands Estate, of which the then ‘Sports Field’ was once part, offered the field to Fairwarp Cricket Club to play cricket on. It was also used by the Oldlands Rifle Club. The estate was subsequently sold to Sir Frederick Eckstein in 1920 and on his death in 1930, Sir Bernard Eckstein became the owner. Misa and then Eckstein were responsible for supporting the then Ashdown Forest Temperance Band which became the kernel of the Fairwarp Brass Band and subsequently became known as the Fairwarp Silver Band. This band was in existence until 1978 when it was wound up.

Although cricket was the reason for the Sports Field’s initial association with the village, the team was lost to the village before the turn of the century. Happily there seems to be a ground swell of support for a reforming of a team.

There is evidence of Fairwarp School having a girls’ stoolball team as early as 1910 and Fairwarp fielded a stoolball team, ladies and mixed, until well into the late 20th century. The stoolball team is now in its early revival infancy and anyone interested in getting involved should contactFairwarp.stoolball@gmail.com.

The Sports Field changed hands after Sir Bernard Eckstein’s death, first to William Hull and then to Ruth George, Mrs R A Horn. Fairwarp bought the field in 1978.

It is now held by three Trustees, Mr Russell Davison (Chair), Mr Chris Knell (Hon. Treasurer) and Mrs Helen Rowland (Hon. Sec) for the village. It became a Queen Elizabeth II Field as part of the Jubilee Celebrations in 2012 and is protected for the villagers forever.