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Latest Update

Hello Everyone

Don’t forget that The Foresters Arms is hosting ‘Fair Fest’ this Sunday 27 May to celebrate Dave and Seb’s second anniversary as landlords.

Update on the barn dance and the Church heating fund-raising from Father John Caperon.

Plea for help setting up and taking down the village fete

Christ Church T-towels available to buy now.

There is still time to help Jon Harris by completing the survey on the Quiet Lanes campaign.

Don’t forget to make diary reminder to come along to the Fairwarp Community Society AGM or even think about joining the committee!

And finally, I have been asked by Al Cooke to promote his meeting about 5G and wireless technology at the village hall.

Happy Reading

Tracy Atchison
01825 713101

Fair Fest at The Foresters – Sunday 26 May 2.00pm

Come along to the second anniversary celebrations at The Foresters Arms featuring some home grown talent in the bands featured. All afternoon BBQ available. It’s free admission and all are welcome so don’t miss it.

See the Foresters website for more information

How do you raise £40,000?

That was the total facing Christ Church in January this year when the need for a new heating system – and the cost – became clear.  We challenged regular churchgoers to commit what they were able, and gifts of £1,000 and more have been given. Then there were some modest grants from Trusts. But how would the wider community be able to contribute? That’s when people began to plan events to raise funds. The April plant sale was a storming success, filling the village hall one Saturday morning and raising over £900.
Then there was last Saturday’s Barn Dance! This was Angela Tilly’s do from start to finish.  She arranged the band and caller, managed publicity (assisted by Heather and Rob’s printing firm), persuaded Tracy and Kathleen to produce amazing food for the crowd, and organised the evening itself. It brought the whole community together.  There were people of all ages, a true cross-section of the community, and it was a musical and terpsichorean (love that word!) delight. And it was a real financial success, with over £800 being raised in just one evening.

Our total stands now at around £42,000 given or committed, and all we now need is the go-ahead from the church authorities to get the work under way.  Huge thanks to everyone!

Fr John Caperon

Please help setting up and taking down the Village Fete

Fete Day on Saturday, 13 July is fast approaching and once again we’d like to ask for your energy, goodwill and muscle to help set up the tents and stalls on the Village Green, both before the event and then after, to break it all down as the Fete closes.
Never more accurate a quote, “many hands make light work” so please join us on Friday, 12 July at 5.15 pm on the Green to set up or, as the Fete closes, on Saturday at 5.00pm to help ensure that everything is safely packed away when everyone is exhausted.  If you could make both Friday and Saturday, even better!!
Any and all the time that you can give us will be very helpful and hugely appreciated
Pleased don’t feel shy, you’ll be very welcome and if I or the Fete Coordinator, Mike Kennedy can help to answer any questions prior to Fete weekend, please do call us directly
Thank you so very much and we’ll look forward to seeing you.
Mike Kennedy – 01825 712515
Andrew Telford – 01825 713241

Christ Church t-towels now available

T-towels printed with a lovely image of Christ Church in green or brown are available to buy now. Perfect for an early Christmas present, a birthday present or as a ‘thank you’ gift for someone who has been good to you. Monies raised with go to help with any extras needed for the Church heating. Please contact Anita Long at or on 01825 712632

Quiet Lanes in Horney Common and surrounding lanes – your chance to give some feedback

My name is Jon Harris and I live at Greenford House, Old Forge Lane. A number of residents in Old Forge Lane are concerned about speed at which some cars are travelling down, what is effectively a single track lane. We wrote to the Senior Traffic Officer, Kelly Burr at East Sussex County Council, with the response that the lane had it own calming features and that the National Speed Limit had already been reduced to 40mph and there was no need to reduce it further to 20mph and of course there is no budget to carry this out.
So I am contacting you today to canvass your opinion on the possibility of the lanes in the area being designated so called Quiet Lanes status, which has been an initiated by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, CPRE. There are projects all over the country and Quiet Lanes have been proposed in Surrey Hills as well as areas of Kent, our neighbours.

Take the survey now
Visit the website for a map and more information

Fairwarp Community Society AGM – 25 June 2019 7.30pm for 8.00pm

Come along to the FCS AGM and find out what we do for you in the village and what our plans are going forward. Refreshments will be available from 7.30pm with a chance to meet the current committee.
And why not think about joining the committee? We are a fun bunch!

Visit the website for more information

A Presentation on 5G and Wireless Technology. Fairwarp Village Hall
Saturday 29 June 7.00pm

Speaker: Al Cooke RSM, IPHM (UK Radiation advisor)
Alan will give you the results of his ongoing research that has been authenticated with peer-reviewed expert evidence from independent scientists around the world. His talks are well sought after and he travels extensively to bring you this information.
A non-profit making event – everyone welcome.  £5.00 entry on the door
What the Government is not telling us—A fascinating insight into the world of radio frequency radiation and the long-term health effects this could have on us all.

For any enquiries please contact:
01403 251733 or 07949 118642