Minutes of Meeting of Fairwarp Community Society held 25 June 2014
Attendees Russell Davison, Penny Handley, Jan Holford, Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish, David Ridley, Lorne Duncan, Lolita Reeves, Caroline Shaw, Jeremy Hill, Alan Foskett
Apologies Doug Ridley
Date: 25 June 2014

This meeting took place immediately after the 2014 AGM.

  1. Committee Appointments

The following were proposed, seconded and elected unanimously.

  • Louise Kentish: Chairman with either Russell
  • Jan Kemsley: Hon Secretary
  • Penny Handley: Hon Treasurer
  1. Hon Sec Role JK to redo list in specific jobs so that committee members can “bid” to take some of these jobs on to reduce the workload.
  1. Keir Fine Money RD to cost wooden sign for QEII Field & Church

Next meeting date Monday 28th July at 8pm at Thatchings

Please advise JK if unable to attend on this date.