Minutes of Meeting of Fairwarp Community Society held on 12 May 2014
Attendees Russell Davison, Penny Handley, Jan Holford,  Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish, Lolita Reeves, Caroline Shaw
Apologies Alan Foskett, Jeremy Hill, David Ridley,  Doug Ridley
Date: 12 May 2014
  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes from 19th March were signed as being a correct record.

  1. Membership/ Subscription Renewals/Concessions

PH – Accounts for 2013 now passed.

FCS is now approx £3,600 in credit.  Still no bill for Village Hall sign or Grit Bin in Old Forge Lane.  PH to chase.

Recruitment drive between end June & end July – all committee members to actively chase those not signed up by fete day.

PH to chase existing advertisers.

Lorne Duncan to be approached re joining committee.  All those present handed in their nomination forms.  If re-elected 2014/15 will be JK’s last year as Hon Sec.

  1. Website

JK– Help being urgently organised.

Committee STILL need to check/write their synopses for the website & check content. 

  1. QEII Field

 RD – Planning now at WDC Planning committee stage – some design amendments have been made – ½ hip roof and slightly smaller but certain criteria dictated by Sport England have to be complied with before they will provide funding.  WDC may put some usage restriction to prevent conflict with Village hall.

Drainage works now completed – funded by £18,000 grant from SITA.  £2,500 donation received to cover cost of re-seeding grass.

  1. MPC

Annual Parish Assembly next Friday.

PH & LR to attend meeting re matched funding for ESCC & WDC services & report back.

 LR – Staged plan in place for road repairs.

  1. Events

26th April – Churchyard Spring Clean – excellent job, well done.

25th June – AGM – targeted e-mail to be sent out by JK. Set up from 7.15pm.

12th July – Village Fete

9th August – Cricket & Croquet Day

18 October – QEII Field Barn Dance

Tbd – Autumn Church Yard Clean Up – need 50+ so recruiting to start asap JK to tell RD possible dates.

15th November – FCS Quiz Night

7th December put up Christmas Tree on the Green

14th December – Children’s Xmas Party. FVHMC have agreed to waive fee this event.

  1. AOB

Members need warning that Facebook accounts are now being hacked.

 Next meeting date  after AGM on 25th June