Minutes of Fairwarp Community Society Annual General Meeting held on 25th June 2014 8pm
Attendees Russell Davison, Penny Handley, Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish, Caroline Shaw, Lorne Duncan, Jeremy Hill, David Ridley, Lolita Reeves, Alan Foskett,  Jan Holford, Mr Street, Mrs Long , John Manthorpe, Mr & Mrs Oldbury, Mr & Mrs Redman, Mr & Mrs Ryan
Apologies Doug Ridley, John Lazenby
Date: 25 June 2014
  1. Chairman’s Report

Louise Kentish welcomed everyone and then handed over to co-chairman Russell Davison –

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you for taking the time to attend the AGM of the Fairwarp Community Society.

FCS tries to do its best for the area

The new grit bins which we have previously sourced seemed to frighten the snow away this year!

The Church Yard Clean ups are now organised twice a year with over 30 turning up to do an excellent job this spring which had a great impact and was much appreciated by Father Paul & the PCC.  In the autumn we need a minimum of 50 helpers as this is the major event with several bigger projects to fulfil.

FCS is committed to supporting the QEII Field at the far end of te village.  It was originally bought for the village in 1979 and planning permission has now been granted for a new pavilion, we just need to raise £250,000 to build it.

FCS has fundraised for other causes, more in the Treasurers report.

There are three main assets in Fairwarp, Christ Church, The Village Hall and QEII Field, FCS is the gel that holds the village together and while membership is thriving we still need to recruit more members.

Jan Kemsley has given us twelve months notice that she will be resigning as Hon Sec.  This role now needs to be split up so we really need more people to get involved.

The FCS is here to help and support this Community it keeps you informed of village matters and allows you to have a voice, please take advantage of the concessions, pay your subscription without us chasing but most of all get involved

Thank you for your support tonight.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

As of now our membership stands at 204, there are approximately 800 residents in the ward..

The accounts for 2013 have been examined and approved – The balance at the end of 2012 was £3,300, see attached full accounts.

The New Year Social cost less than £60 partially owing to the official opening of the Lottery funded Village Hall extension. The Quiz Night made over £400 profit and the proceeds of the raffle raised over £900 for the Red Cross Hyan Typhoon Appeal.  The Children’s Christmas Party cost just over £100.  The Christmas Tree on the Green now has permanent footings (provided they can be found!).

Once again collection was made after more successful Nuclear Bunker Tours and donated to Kings Standing Conservation Area.

We organised a new road sign for the Village Hall on B2026 using a grant from MPC and a sign to the QEII Field.

Full details can be found on www.fairwarp.org.uk or if you wish to receive a hard copy of the full accounts please contact FCS on e-mail fairwarpcs@aol.com or call Jan Kemsley on 01825 713477. 

  1. Election of Committee for 2013/14

The following have been unanimously elected on block:- Russell Davison, Lorne Duncan, Alan Foskett, Penny Handley, Jeremy Hill, Jan Holford, Jan Kemsley, Louise Kentish, Lolita Reeves, David Ridley, Doug Ridley and Caroline Shaw.

Hopefully more people will volunteer to join the committee by co-option throughout the year.

FCS is particularly keen to involve some of the younger members of the community. 

  1. Election of Honorary Examiner

Mr Fred Hoade was re-elected.

  1. Any other business

Anita Long asked if FCS could organize a meeting to discuss fracking in the area..  Roger Street said that MPC are already discussing this and several councilors have been to conferences on the matter.  It would appear that fracking is unlikely to occur in AONB or within the Forest Pale.  ESCC have declared their policy but WDC have not done so yet – see their websites. The Government is very pro fracking but ESCC will try to protect SSSIs & AONBs.  Fairwarp is in the center of a high shale gas area it is also a high irradiation area close to the National Grid so solar farms are now being promoted,  5 planning applications are going through and there are 11 more in the pipeline. FCS should canvas residents as to whether they would attend a meeting on energy.

Jeremy Hill suggested having a children’s assault course at the village fete, too late for this year but might be an idea for Cricket & croquet Day.

Roger Street stated that The Foresters Arms is not on the new Ashdown Tourist Association Map.

Jeremy Hill noted that the junction of Nursery Lane & B2026 is covered in shingle which is very dangerous – all highways matters should be reported to Tony Allen, Clerk to Maresfield Parish Council.

Mr Oldbury – The Forest Centre has an excellent exhibition of WW1 by Nutley Historical Society.

Jan Kemsley – FCS Concessions are in the process of being confirmed.

 Louise thanked everyone for attending the meeting.