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Fairwarp Summer Fete 2020

Notice of cancellation

I am writing this on Thursday 7 May…..hoping that this weekend we may receive some respite from the strict lockdown which has been in place since I last wrote a piece for the Echo.

While life may slowly start to return to normal over the next few months, I think we have to accept that large social gatherings are not going to be permitted for some considerable time.   With this is mind, the Village Hall Committee has decided to cancel the Fairwarp Summer Fete.   Not an easy decision as the Fete is such a highlight of the village calendar but we felt we had little option.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who – year after year – provide sponsorship to the fete.

These are all local business who will have been adversely impacted by COVID 19. As we start to come out of lockdown I would ask you to remember these companies, return their support and buy local wherever possible.

On a positive note:   I recently found out that the fete started life as a little village picnic on the green so, if rules permit, we would like to go back to those earlier days and hold some type of village picnic later in the summer; maybe joining up with another of the village annual events.  Watch out for updates!

Keep safe

Jules Till

Fairwarp Fete 2019

What a fabulous fete it was!

The weather was great and people turned out in their hundreds to join in the fun. This is the main fund-raiser for the Village Hall Committee who use the money raised to improve, update and maintain the village hall, children’s play area and the village green.

Please see below the results for Arts, Produce and Crafts – by Lynn Telford, and Andrew Telford, Chair of the Village Hall Committee, who has written a thank you note to everyone who helped to make it such a success.

What a wonderful effort all you lovely people made, entering so many items in the Arts Produce and Craft tent.  Thank you all so much.  The winners of the various classes are:

  • 5 Sweet Peas – Anita Long – Primrose Cup

  • Single Rose – Jane Moran – McNair Cup

  • Seasonal Arrangement – Tracy Atchison – Flower Guild Award

  • 5 Herbs – Dave Guckenheim – Jubilee Cup

  • Jam/Marmalade – Linda Bowyer – George Morgan Cup

  • Chutney/Pickle – Christine Blackman – Wade Cup

  • Honey – Peter Humber – Lampool Cup

  • 3 Biscuits – Nicola Willis – Fairwarp Comm. Cup

  • Traybake – Kathy Manthorpe – Fairwarp VH Cup

  • Handmade Loaf – Paul Mitchell – Ashdown Goblet

  • Salad Dressing – Richard Sowter – Currie Cup

  • Curry Sauce – Andrew Telford – Fairwarp Tankard

  • Photo most proud of – Penny Lewin – Sainsbury Cup

  • Photo of Fairwarp – Isabella Rainer – Shihaib Cup

  • Photo cutest pet – Keith Brook – Van der Boss Cup

  • Home Alcohol  – Tracy Atchison – Alperton Cup

  • Adult Painting – Hilary Twigg – Ellis Cup

  • Adult Craft – Carol Futrall – WI Shield

  • Child Painting – Matilda Pratley – Make Music Cup

  • Child Craft Item – Rosie Hilton – Thorne Cup

  • Child Painted Stone – Maddie Scott Francis – Roo Star

  • Family Shoe Box – The Scott Francis Family – Fairwarp Challenge Cup

  • Victor Ludorum – The Scott Francis Family – Derrybank Cup

Congratulations to everyone who entered, you are all winners in my eyes, but I was not a judge!

To all of you involved in the planning, preparation, running and then breaking down of our extraordinary Fairwarp Village Fete Event, there are times when a simple ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Relaxing and reflecting on that golden Sunday evening after the Fete when we’d all wondered at some part of a Cricket World Cup win for England, a legendary Men’s Final at Wimbledon and a record breaking F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, that day was one of those occasions when ‘my thanks’
hardly seemed adequate!!

Every one played their part, giving their time, their enthusiasm, their generosity, their experience, wisdom and wit to produce a spectacle that delighted our visitors and dare I say, made us all and our Village just a little proud. Highlighting any individual would somehow seem wrong but without those loaned trucks, that individual creativity, the time taken to make the Green and our Village look so smart and then telling the world of our plans through the signage that festooned our local roads and junctions, nothing would have happened People freely donated their experience, their physical talent and some, their water and electricity.

Others stuck tickets on barn loads of bottles and prizes. Some encouraged local businesses and individuals to support us with their Grand Draw prizes, sponsorship, advertising and overall generosity and then more others drove those messages in the local digital and printed media and showed remarkable talent, resourcefulness and generosity.

Committees met and formed specific groups to meet again to ensure that we baked, brewed and created that visual extravaganza at the top of the Green that’s an integral part of any Fete. Equally our refreshments at the other end of the Green don’t happen by magic and those cakes, scones and sausage rolls took a lot of work that warrant our gratitude.

Eloquent and inspiring people ensured that in the arena, resplendent in its bunting and haybales, events including those children’s races and our traditional dog show were announced and supported in a way that proved that Hollywood doesn’t have a monopoly on the term ‘The Greatest Showmen’ Then there was the muscle, fuelled by an indomitable spirit that saw over 30 people on the Green on Friday, shift literally tonnes of tents and associated paraphernalia from the Hall. They then wrestled to put all this together as our Fete started to take physical shape. Importantly, those tired limbs and minds made one more herculean effort when our guests had all gone home to stay and breakdown those tents and paraphernalia and return it all to the Village Hall ready for next year.

So, with all that in mind and with apologies to any omissions, my thanks to each and every one of you who gave so much and then more. We created an event that will be tough to surpass in 2020 although I have a feeling that we will!!

Thank you, thank you and thank you again

Andrew Telford and a very grateful Fete Committee


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