What’s it all about?



It’s essentially a fun cricket match between ‘the village’ and ‘the pub’.  But anyone can play (you don’t have to be a villager – but there are lots of them who are): no whites are required, there are no age restrictions, no gender limitations.

The main match of cricket is played with a cricket training ball so it’s not too hard for younger (and older) hands and batting experience is absolutely not necessary!  You will be teased (but not tormented) if you drop a catch, but likewise you will receive cheers if you run that extra yard to catch it.

We can arrange for a runner, if, due to some health or similar issue (eg 81/2 months pregnant, broken leg, still concussed from being hit by the training ball last year etc are all acceptable reasons) you are unable to run yourself .  But there are no guarantees the runner will be any better than you if you made the effort yourself!

Spectators are welcome!  We need to encourage the players with jolly bouts of clapping and ‘well dones!’.

We also need to make sure that the picnics in Fairwarp are up to scratch and the Pimms are mixed just so!

The spectators usually participate in a game of Croquet whilst they are between cucumber sandwiches.  Croquet is supposed to be a gentle kind of game but not everyone follows the rules!

Whether you come for the cricket, the croquet, the basking on the bank and nibbling sandwiches or the fun of family frolics, you are assured of a warm welcome.  It costs £1 to come in and £1 to play in the cricket match and £1 to play unlimited games of croquet.  There is a raffle with stunning prizes so be sure to buy your tickets.

Contact Helen 01825 712292 or Russell 01825 713531 for more information.